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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
OpinionWhy Libya's election has collapsed at that time?

Why Libya’s election has collapsed at that time?

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Libya election would not take on 24 December but it has not set a new date or worked out how to move forward to avoid a return to conflict. In addition, the electoral commission was proposing the new date of 24 January after “liaising” with parliament to start the first round of the election, urging the House of Representatives and the UN Support Mission in Libya to take up their responsibilities toward the vote.

The map of the Arab region is shifting and rearranging interests, and another withdrawal of US forces from Iraq may also come before the end of this year, which means that the Arab reality, in general, has become more conducive to dealing with the logic of common interests and a common destiny.

Theoretically, the settlement of files between countries in the Libyan issue, especially Turkey and Egypt, will make solution paper the closest, as the Libyan elections and the exchange of views on several regional files may witness a decisive withdrawal of militias and mercenaries from Libya, in light of the European and international desire to support the electoral process there, which is scheduled now on 24 January.

Libya needs reconstruction many expected its conflict to be on its way to extinction after a ceasefire was reached, as well as a road map for settlement and the formation of a national unity government and a new presidential council.

According to that, hundreds of citizens organized a protest in front of the headquarters of the High National Elections Commission in Tripoli to decide the form and process of government through the constitution, to reject the current electoral laws and the holding of elections without a constitution, as the result of blatant violations and fraud which had occurred in the electoral process and the acceptance wanted criminals as presidential candidates.

With voices rising in Tripoli calling for the elections to be postponed for a year, it is believed that there is a formula through which the Libyan government is working, exploiting regional and international consensus, in light of the want of external parties such as Turkey, and the Libyan Parliament has not issued the election law on which these elections will be held, which is This contributes to the escalation of disputes between governments.

France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the United States of America welcome the statement commending the work of the SASG to engage in broad consultations across Libya to express our strong support for the ongoing efforts of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to further a Libyan-led and Libyan-owned process towards the holding of free, fair and inclusive elections and swiftly determining a last date for the polling and issuing the last list of presidential candidates without delay.

That election was prepared by HNEC as stipulated in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum roadmap and endorsed in UNSC resolution 2570 (2021), as well as the conclusions of the second Berlin conference of 23 June 2021 and during the Paris International Conference for Libya of 12 November 2021. But the election collapsed at that time and will not allow the Libyan people to elect a representative, and reinforce the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national unity of Libya.

The UN Sanctions Committee, pursuant to Security Council Resolution 2571, has recognized its commitment to respect the UN-facilitated political process and that all other international actors resolve differences on emerging political or military issues without resorting to violence, and hold accountable those who threaten or undermine stability The political and electoral process in Libya, through violence or incitement. It was also emphasized that individuals or entities, inside or outside Libya, who obstruct, undermine, tamper or falsify the electoral process and will be held accountable, we hope that the elections will take place in January 2022.

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Miral Sabry AlAshry
Miral Sabry AlAshry
An Associate Professor at Future University in Egypt(FUE), Political Mass Media Department. Author of the book - The Struggle for Libya. Contributor to The Eastern Herald from Egypt.

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