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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Guidelines for Submitting an Opinion Piece to The Eastern Herald

What is an Opinion Piece?

An opinion piece, commonly known as an op-ed, is a written essay expressing a personal viewpoint or argument. It’s typically positioned opposite the editorial page in a newspaper and offers perspectives from staff columnists or external contributors. The content should present a clear stance, supported by concrete evidence, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Eastern Herald.

Submission Guidelines

  • Word Limit: Submissions should be concise, ideally not exceeding 800 words.
  • Article Status: We accept only complete articles. Proposals or drafts will not be considered. The submission must be original and not previously submitted, posted, or published elsewhere.
  • Author Identification: Include your full name, home address, email, and contact numbers. Anonymous submissions or those under pseudonyms are not accepted.
  • Disclosure: Any personal or financial interests related to the article’s subject must be disclosed.

Selection Criteria

  • Timeliness: Is the piece relevant to current news?
  • Resonance: Will it engage The Eastern Herald’s readers?
  • Originality: Does it offer a fresh perspective?
  • Background: While special expertise isn’t necessary, your background or experience should lend credibility to your viewpoint.
  • Diverse Voices: We encourage submissions from all walks of life, irrespective of titles or positions.

Response Time

Due to the volume of submissions, if you do not hear from us within a week, it’s likely that we will not be able to publish your piece.

Editing Process

All submissions undergo editing for clarity, language precision, and logical argumentation. They are also fact-checked and may be adjusted for space constraints. Contributors will have the opportunity to review and approve all edits before publication.

Solicitation of Op-eds

While we review all unsolicited pieces, we also proactively seek contributions on specific topics, especially during breaking news events.

To submit your pitch click here.

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