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Since its inception in 2009, The Eastern Herald has been at the forefront of global journalism, setting the standard for excellence in news reporting and editorial content. Originating from India, our newspaper has grown into an international institution, revered for its uncompromising pursuit of truth and its influential role in shaping public discourse.

In 2019, The Eastern Herald server was attacked with DDoS and resulting in losing all the data. Though the web archives are availabe on this webarchive link.

At The Eastern Herald, we believe in the power of journalism to change the world. Our reporting is anchored in facts, enriched by analysis, and enlivened by the compelling narrative. We are a beacon for bold and unbiased journalism, renowned for our in-depth coverage of international affairs, our fearless exposés on financial crimes and scams, and our unwavering commitment to democracy and the fight against the culture of hatred. Our editorial ethos is defined by our dedication to giving voice to the voiceless and presenting unpopular opinions, offering a platform for perspectives that challenge the status quo. This commitment has established The Eastern Herald as a sanctuary for free thought and expression, a place where diverse viewpoints converge to create a more informed and nuanced understanding of the world. As we continue to expand our global footprint, The Eastern Herald is poised to open bureaus in key cities around the world. This expansion is not just about broadening our geographical reach; it is about deepening our impact and enhancing our ability to deliver news and views 24/7. Our readers are our most valued asset, and their support is pivotal in our quest to join the ranks of the world’s most esteemed publications. In an age where journalism is often colored by partisanship, The Eastern Herald stands as a paragon of neutrality and independence. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity, free from the influence of external interests. Our independence is our strength, setting us apart in a media landscape increasingly dominated by corporate interests. We invite you to join us in this noble endeavor. Support The Eastern Herald, not just as a reader, but as a champion of a free and fair press. Together, we can continue to be a force for truth, a voice for the unheard, and a guardian of the public trust in journalism.

Publisher: Muzaffar Ahmad

Address: Mohalla Ahmadiyya, Qadian 143516, Punjab, India

Title: The Eastern Herald

Subject:  Multidisciplinary Subjects

Frequency: We publish the news every day.

Languages: English and Punjabi

Format of this publication: Online

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Funding Source

At The Eastern Herald, our dedication to journalistic integrity and independence is paramount. In this spirit, it is crucial to transparently address our funding source, as it directly impacts our ability to maintain editorial freedom and trustworthiness.

The Eastern Herald is exclusively funded through advertising. This singular source of revenue is a cornerstone of our operational model, ensuring that our journalistic endeavors remain uninfluenced by external entities. Our independence from organizations, communities, political parties, countries, or groups is not just a policy; it is the bedrock of our identity as a news outlet.

Relying solely on advertising revenue aligns with our commitment to unbiased and unfiltered journalism. It allows us the freedom to explore a wide array of topics, uphold the truth, and provide our readers with comprehensive and accurate news and analysis. This model ensures that our content is not shaped by the agendas or interests of any external stakeholders.

Our advertising-based funding model is more than a financial strategy; it is a reflection of our dedication to editorial independence. In a media landscape where financial influences often color news reporting, The Eastern Herald stands as a bastion of impartiality and objectivity. Our allegiance is to the truth and to our readers, not to any external financiers.

We understand the challenges that come with an advertising-only revenue model, especially in an evolving digital landscape. However, we believe that this approach is essential for maintaining the trust and confidence of our audience. It allows us to remain a reliable, credible source of news, committed to the highest standards of journalistic ethics.

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Executive Editor

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Editor (Policy)

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Associate Editor

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