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Thursday, February 29, 2024
SocietyOnPassive Scam lands in Bangladesh after scamming in India and branding in Dubai

OnPassive Scam lands in Bangladesh after scamming in India and branding in Dubai

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OnPassive, a company notorious for its multi-level marketing (MLM) scams, has a history of fraudulent activities extending beyond its recent bold claim of being a “co-host” of the FIFA World Cup 2022 and its expansion into Bangladesh. The company, headquartered in Dubai, has reportedly defrauded thousands of innocent people in India by enticing them with the promise of becoming rich. This pattern of deceit and exploitation is a consistent theme in OnPassive’s operations across various countries.

Run by the internationally known fraudster Ash Mufareh, also known as Ashraf Mufareh, OnPassive has been exploiting the digital technology era to further its deceptive schemes. Its pyramid scheme operates by recruiting members under the guise of selling products or services. However, the primary income for members comes from recruiting new participants, not from actual sales, making it unsustainable and illegal in many countries.

The company’s business model, a Ponzi scheme, relies on active recruitment of members. This structure inevitably leads to the collapse of the scheme, causing significant financial losses for members, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid. Experts and regulatory bodies have raised red flags about OnPassive’s operations. Josefin Aronsson, an expert on pyramid schemes, highlights that the key issue with such schemes is how profits are made – whether through recruitment or actual product sales.

Ash Mufareh’s history with fraudulent schemes is well-documented, involving various Ponzi and pyramid schemes that have been shut down, including AshMax, TelexFree, and PayDiamonds. His involvement in these schemes has resulted in significant financial losses for investors and legal troubles in multiple countries.

The false claim of being a co-host of the FIFA World Cup 2022 is a desperate attempt by OnPassive to legitimize its operations and lure more victims into its scheme. The FIFA authorities have the grounds to investigate and take legal action against Ash Mufareh and OnPassive for making such false claims.

In Dubai, OnPassive’s operations present a stark contrast to its notorious activities elsewhere. The company, infamous for its multi-level marketing scams, achieved a notable branding milestone in this global city by renaming the Al Safa Metro Station to ONPASSIVE Dubai Metro Station.

onpassive-metro-station-dubai-Asmahan Mufareh-Ashraf
OnPassive metro station in Dubai (Photo: Internet)

This move in Dubai, a city celebrated for its luxury and innovation, is perplexing given OnPassive’s dubious reputation for defrauding thousands in countries like India and Bangladesh. The decision to allow such a significant branding opportunity raises questions about the due diligence processes of entities in associating with companies like OnPassive, known for their controversial and often illegal business practices. This development in Dubai serves as a reminder of the complex and often deceptive nature of global corporate operations, where appearances can mask underlying unethical activities.

OnPassive’s saga is a cautionary tale of how digital platforms can be exploited by scammers to defraud and swindle consumers. The company’s operations across various countries, including its recent branding success in Dubai, its fraudulent activities in Bangladesh, and its history of defrauding people in India, demonstrate the global reach of its deceptive practices.

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  1. I cannot wait until the SEC takes them down. It’s disgusting how they are preying on the elderly and poor. Even children!

  2. You omitted that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the U.S.filed a securities fraud claim against Ash, his wife, and Onpassive on August 11, 2023. On September 1, 2023, Ash released his first “paid” product which some Onpassive founders purchased; however, the company has not been able to routinely process payments, much less earned commissions. Furthermore, on October 16, Ash’s legal team filed a motion to dismiss which prompted the SEC to file an amended claim on November 6, 2023. Currently, the case is in mediation and the trial date is set for the summer of 2025.

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