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Sunday, July 14, 2024

M A Hossain



Political and defense analyst based in Bangladesh.

Trump’s next presidency promises a significant shift from the past

Public perception of Donald Trump is - he is arrogant, slanderous, hot-headed and reckless....

Is The Western Political Sphere Pushing Towards A Sunni-Shiite War?

The so-called mainstream media may continue to remain silent or parrot the propaganda of...

The Rohingya Tragedy: Sheikh Hasina’s Nobel-Worthy Humanitarian Leadership

Sheikh Hasina, the longest-serving Muslim female Prime minister, has demonstrated extraordinary compassion and courage...
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On the Brink: Bangladesh faces political upheaval ahead of January polls

The political milieu in Bangladesh has been fraught with tension, climaxing in weeks of...

RAB’s Endeavors in Global Peace: Navigating Challenges Amidst Sanctions

In the intricate mosaic of global counterterrorism endeavors, Bangladesh emerges as a nation adeptly...

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Jungkook and Lisa: Exploring the Phenomenon of K-pop’s Most Talked-About Duo

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Got unusual advice from fertility doctor – ‘Drink his sperm’

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