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Thursday, February 29, 2024
AsiaMiddle EastJordan.. A terrible accident turns a wedding into a funeral

Jordan.. A terrible accident turns a wedding into a funeral

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According to the report of technical traffic accidents issued by the Public Security Department, the complete stoppage of the wedding procession inside a tunnel, associated with the failure to observe the necessary precautions when driving a freight car, was the main cause of the accident.

And a security source told ‘Sky News Arabia’ that it was a traffic accident that occurred inside a tunnel in the ninth area of ​​Aqaba governorate, between a freight car and a number of vehicles, which claimed the life of one person and injured 16 people. with various broken bones, injuries and bruises, who were treated and taken to hospital, confirming Fatah. Traffic investigation into the accident.

Jordanians widely circulated gruesome videos of the accident from different angles, the most recent and cruel of which was documented by road surveillance cameras from inside the truck, calling on each other to beware of the reckless practices that could cause major disasters.

Unconditional forgiveness

The Al-Naimat clan thanked the family of the deceased young man, Ahmed Al-Gharabli, with a statement that the Al-Gharabli family waived their clan and criminal rights without compensation for the death of their son in the aftermath of the accident, which Al-Naimat’s sons described as “unintentional”.

The statement said that the Al-Naimat clan went with a delegation of notables to the Al-Gharabli family to ask for forgiveness, so the latter took the initiative to receive them, and the family agreed to give up all the rights free of charge. rights.

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  1. Do people think they are alone on earth? Why the newlywed couple decided to stop in a tunnel to celebrate the start of a new family? Do stupid things win stupid prizes like every asshole on earth. Sry but that deserves no compassion. And the truck driver is the most stupid human being he not even brake he just let the truck get stoped by the force of the cars cars what a morron.

    • and you are dumbed Ass by not knowing a freight tracker with 10 ton of weight and with speed of mp/h can not be stopped by break.

  2. In an accident, it’s almost always a combination of two or more factors. Here, the wedding procession stopped in a tunnel + the truck driver not slowing down upon entering the tunnel/upon unable to see what’s up ahead at the bend. If either one – – the wedding procession not stopping OR the truck driver slowing down upon entering the tunnel = no lives would have been lost. The truck driver was going quite fast and his reaction time to seeing something ahead was a tad too slow. If he was going at say 100kmph, it would have taken 40-50m to come to a complete halt. The tunnel may not have been that advanced to display an alert to those entering (e.g. “Blockage ahead”, etc.) so something like this was implemented, it could have also helped a lot.

    All in all, this could have been easily avoided if each did their part but what’s done is done. RIP to the one that didn’t make it.

    • Truck can’t stop, the truck has to speed up in order to make it through the tunnel otherwise it’ll get stuck.

  3. there is a video being posted on the reddit from the drivers pov, in the video you can see the speed as well, the moment he entered the tunnel he had a speed of around 58km/h and the moment the cars are visible for the driver(there is front of the truck view as well) he is speeding around 62km/h… and in the video you can see in his face that he reacts immediately and brakes fully but it doesn’t work(for an obvious reason, it is a heavy freight truck, it would take easily about 200m to halt the car completely)

  4. but to be fair seems like he a bit of delay in reacting…
    and if you wonder, this happened around 8:30 pm, so the driver must not have been unconscious or sleepy.
    but honestly you can never blame the driver, he wasn’t going over the speed limit,,,

  5. Such a sad end to a beautiful day. I am humbled and in awe of the victim’s family forgiving the driver. I pray all who are touched by this tragedy find peace.

  6. Dudes in a goddamn semi and you expect him to just “brake” when there was no time to stop. Dude was on the brakes.

  7. This is ENTIRELY the fault of the people who stopped in a tunnel. People that dumb THAT dumb, self-absorbed, and irrational deserve to have all won Darwin Awards. The real tragedy is that all those idiots didn’t die and continue to live and be stupid and spread stupid in the world. They should all be invited back to the tunnel and then have a truck go full speed without breaking to make the world a better place.

  8. dont know if you know, but you cant stop a truck on brakes quickly. Dont name call. and dont call out who need judgment and forgiveness. this is not your right.

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